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i need a haircut.

oh, hey, daynapanda, how do you make aguas frescas? I had some delicious agua fresca de sandia, YUM, and some pretty good horchata, and my absolute favorite is agua de melon, but i don't exactly know which melon it is.

i've been pretty busy lately. there may be light at the end of the tunnel. perhaps.

i'm alive. and i'm reading your journals, even if i don't always comment!

ta for now!


i am a mosquito buffet

i have been bitten more than 20 times by mosquitoes. At least 23 times that I can count without completely disrobing. 14 of those bites were on my feet, two in the inside part of the foot where the arch forms--one on each foot--and these bites in particular have swollen to a painful size for walking. And they're hot. I practically bathed in Off! but it didn't seem to faze them. I am going to start taking B12 every day--it's supposed to make you unappetizing. Charlie just got bitten a couple of times. But me? I was devoured.

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anyway, despite all these things, I had a pretty good time. Next time i'm wearing pants and knee socks though and bathing in Deet. Even though it will probably give me some sort of disease one day.

This weekend we are probably going to Alabama Adventure and maybe bowling. Carla really wants us to take her bowling because she goes with her daycare sometimes and she doesn't know how to bowl. So she wants us to go so that we can help her and she can practice. How cute is that?

i need a vacation

I want to go to the beach. I would really really like to take Carla to DisneyWorld, but that's not going to happen anytime soon.

Or maybe it will. I don't know.

But I would like to take her to the beach--she's never been!

Where do you stay when you go? I was thinking Orange Beach, Gulf Shores area. I've looked all over and it's all a lot more than I really want to pay. We'd probably stay 3 days or so. I just need time to recharge mah batteries.

What do you think?

some links for you.

a conversation

Carla [coming in to the office/computer room]: You have to say 'ohmygosh that kitty is so cute!'
Me: Oh my gosh that kitty is so cute!
Carla: I just got her from the pet store, somethings fell on her that's why i'm taking her to the doctor.
Me: Oh...
Carla: yeah, she's allergic to unicorns. And CDs.
Me: Well you better take her out of her before she gets sick because there's a lot of CDs in here.
Carla: Well, she just gets sick, she doesn't throw up.
Me: Still, we don't want her to get sick do we?
Carla: Well, I've got a bop bag [read: barf bag] in case she throws up
Me: Oh--
Carla: [rapid fire something about wolves and dragons, and something trying to kill the cat]
Me: Uh HUH.

--She leaves--

--Comes back a few minutes later carrying a purple and white dog--
Carla: I know she's allergic to dogs, but not white and purple [ones]
Carla: You're supposed to go like this [makes astonished face] your doggy is so cute, you have the cutest doggies in the whole wide world did you get it from the pet store. [holds up cat] What's her name?
Me: I don't know.
Carla: Yes you do [whispers] her name is Lucinda Fairy-Tale Whale. And this doggy's name is Muffin, no Ginger.
[pauses and makes animal noises as if the animals are making them]
Carla: Well, what have you been doing?
Me: Not much, you?
Carla: My dog keeps eating. He keeps wanting to go to Walmart and take pictures--do all sorts of stuff. Isn't she a cute doggy? I actually don't know what I'm going to do with this cat. The dentist said i can't keep anymore cats around my house.
Me: You can't buy any more cats?
Carla: I can, but he just means i can't take anymore to the pet store.
Me: You mean, from the pet store?
Carla: NO TO THE PET STORE. I mean, to the dentist.

Carla: My dog can't actually walk. Somebody throwed a frisbee at her and it got sharp stuff, and i told her to duck--this is duck [showed me what it means to duck], but she couldn't and it hit her on her leg, and she bleeded.

[something about a cat and frisbee that turns into a cat, and some animal trying to duck, and it's mommy helping her ending with "and it really happened"]

this could go on and on. I'll stop there.

i've got your letter, you've got my song

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*not including the stuff that don't feel like including, like LKH or JR Ward. With those, it would make 29.
Can I just say that this is going to be an expensive month?

This weekend we're going to see Spiderman 3 on Saturday. Next weekend we're driving down to my parents' house for the weekend for mother's day. The next weekend we're going to see Shrek 3. Then the weekend after we're going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

I would also like to see 28 Weeks Later, but I don't know if that's going to happen. We'd have to get a babysitter. Which would make it more expensive. It might be one of those movies that I just wait until it's out on video. Besides, the last few movies i've been to have been too loud. Sometimes I want earplugs. We take earplugs for the munchkin anyway.

Anyway. Last night we watched Flags of Our Fathers and i liked it. I am a sucker for anything WWII. I will admit, without too much embarassment, that I liked Pearl Harbor and I don't quite understand what all the fuss was about when it came out. No one complained when Titanic came out. As i was saying though, I do have a soft spot for WWII movies (but not really the old ones from the 50s and 60s--i would prefer something a little less, oh, propagandist, or downright jingoistic. I do own Tora! Tora! Tora! though. I don't really know why.

I read Herman Wouk's War and Remembrance last year, and even though it's sort of dated and is a work of fiction, it's remarkably well-researched and gave me a good view of the strengths and weaknesses of all the major players in the war. Reading that book, I came to realize how incredibly close we came to losing the war, and how basically we only won because of a series of accidents, bad judgments, and foolish mistakes. I love that book.

Anyway. Flags of Our Fathers. I already knew the story of Iwo Jima (at least the story of the flag raising), but it was interesting to see it, and I thought the narrative structure of the movie was interesting.

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por que el diablo es malisima onda


palomita buena onda. ha. hahaha.

so bad they're painful.

i am grading the worst papers i've ever graded before. of course, they're from my lazy class, so i'm not entirely surprised. out of about 8 papers that i've graded so far, 1 of those 8 knew how to quote and cite quoted material. also, she is the only one who knew how to format and integrate quotes.

one of my students made up whole paragraphs from different quotes. and i don't know how, since they're from Beowulf, and not exactly in order. so the paragraph doesn't make any sense.

oh well. that's why i saved the other class for the end. maybe they're better (i suspect they are). oh the difference an hour makes.

i have to go to get my tires aligned now. i have to stop by the gasolinera before i go so that i will have a drink and a snack for the 1.5 hours it will take them to align all four wheels on my car. pray for me, no?

go yellow?

mkay, so what's the deal with this "Live Green, Go Yellow" ad campaign?

it's too good to be completely true, so i know there's a catch...anybody know what it is?